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A leather bound journal is a book, diary, bible, notebook or journal that is bound by some sort of leather. There are many options of leather from full-grain to the far cheaper synthetic, and there a variety of journal styles such as a traveler’s notebook or a standard day planner. Some may wonder why one might spend the extra money on a leather-bound journal when something bound with cardboard or plastic provides the same functionality. There are several reasons to spend the extra few dollars on a high-quality leather journal, and you can find them below.

Protection from the Elements
Leather provides an important protective layer between your cover and the contents within your journal. You wouldn’t want hours of writing to be washed away by an unexpected rain storm, would you? Fortunately, a journal bound notebook with thick, full-grain leather has exceptional protection from moisture, so you won’t have to worry about your hard work being wiped out. In the same regard, a drink spilled around a cheaper journal may spell doom, but a nice leather journal will be able to withstand such an unfortunate event. Have you ever wanted to take your sketchbook with you outdoors or on a trip then a leather bound sketchbook is the best option to protect your precious drawings.

Good types of leather will last for years if not for your entire life. As mentioned, it has an uncanny ability to survive the elements, but it is also able to take years of abuse by way of wear and tear. You may take your journal with you, tossing it carelessly into your backpack or flinging it on your coffee table when you get home. That’s okay, because these journals can take it. Compare this with a standard cardboard or plastic-covered notebook and the winner is plain and clear. You may get a decent look out of the cheaper journals, but they will never hold up to the stress you can put on a leather journal. They will fall apart more quickly and with less resistance, rendering them unusable in a short amount of time. You may want to consider a leather bound bible with leather book bindings to protect it for many generations. The expenses of replacing them constantly will probably end up being more than the initial cost of your leather journal.

Every leather bound journal, especially those made with full grain leather, has a unique and identifiable appearance. This means that when you buy a high-quality leather journal, you are getting a one-of-a-kind notebook that will set you apart from everyone else. In addition to its stamp of individuality, your journal will develop a beautiful patina over the course of time. As the years pass, you’ll notice the color changing, giving your journal a distinctive, weathered appearance that truly adds a sense of timelessness and class. Your leather bound books with age with you and your story. This why many of the most popular and most famous book series fans that are always looking for leather bound harry potter books and lord of the rings leather bound book versions. This may provide inspiration for the contents inside as you mature with your writing and come upon new, exciting experiences.