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What is clip art?

Clip art is a type of graphic art usually found online in dozens of styles and colors. Online Notebook clip art also goes by the term vector image. They can be delivered electronically and printed out or can be purchased from many different sources, which will be discussed. They usually include a variety of illustrations, shapes, and designs created either by computer software or by hand. Notebook Book Clipart contains thousands of different pictures to use in digital or physical products and when it is digital, comes in various file formats. It usually does not include stock photography, but like stock photography, it may have some licensing restrictions to be aware of.

Why use Journal Clip Art?

Using writing clipart in your journal is a beautiful way to explore, experiment and have fun with journaling. You do not need to have sophisticated knowledge of art or color theory, or even be creatively inclined to accomplish this, and there is no way to mess it up. All you need are blank journal pages and a sense of adventure.

One of my chosen and simple ways to embellish my journal with art is through the use of clip art.

How can I use clip art when journaling?

It can be used to decorate journal books and pages with nearly any design imaginable. With tens of thousands of images available, there is virtually no illustration that can’t be found with a little bit of searching. Do you want to write  about a horse farm you just visited? Thousands of pictures of horses, farms and horseback riding are available. Taking a camping trip? Illustrations of tents, campfires, marshmallows roasting and RV’s abound. If you want to illustrate an emotion, like sadness, anger, or being in love, you can easily find Journal clip art that helps to convey your feelings artfully. Using this medium can help you to express thoughts and sentiments in meaningful ways you may not be able to summon words for when personalizing your journal for a gift.

What are the different licenses for clip art?

In this article, we will discuss the countless types of notebook clip art, from free versions to paid versions, where to find it, and precisely how to apply it to your writing journal pages. Let’s start with the different types.

1-Royalty-Free Clip Art

Royalty free clip art is purchased, usually comes on discs or is downloadable and can be used without restriction for personal projects like your journal. Places to buy this type as well be discussed.

Store Purchased Pre-cut Clip Art Online stores and brick and mortar stores sell Notebook Clipart that is precut and ready to be used. This is a recommended option if you want to save on ink or don’t have access to a good quality printer.

2- Copyrighted Clip Art

Limited Legal Use You would need written permission from the owner to use this type of image and most likely have to be involved somehow in their industry or pay big bucks to acquire usage rights. Steer clear of familiar images from huge corporations like Pepsi, Starbucks or Disney. Opt for generic art like a can of soda or cup of coffee instead.

 3-Free Online Clip Art

There are many free journal clip art websites online that offer hundreds of basic images. These are usually just fine for printing out and using in a journal. But don’t just search for free clip art and use the first images you find. Certain unscrupulous website owners own sites that leave your computer vulnerable to spyware and malware, so finding a trusted source to use is important. We will give you some sites further on to assist you in safely choosing the best places to acquire free illustrations.

Where can I find the best images for journaling?

As discussed, there are literally thousands of places where you can find clipart to use in your writing journal. Next, we are going to present a list of where to find the best notebook clip art in each of the above categories. This list is not entirely exhaustive, by any means, but it should give you a great start in your search for the perfect image. We will discuss free, royalty-free and store purchased.

Where to find free clip art:

Of the thousands of places online that offer resources for notebook clip art, There are a few that stand out as having the largest and highest quality selections. These three sites all have free clip art to choose from as well as paid versions. Free Downloads is completely free while Free Vector offers free clip art as well as a 9.99 monthly membership option. Vector 4 Free images are 100 percent free for personal use.

1001 Free Downloads

Free Downloads offers thousands of journal clip art images, backgrounds with different textures and patterns, new fonts and more. A simple design interface allows you to quickly search for whatever you are looking for. (Our search for coffee cup turned up four pages of resulting images, and the search term “flower” gave us 31 pages.) The clip art on the site ranges from pure black and white line design to colorful vector and hand-drawn illustrations.

Open ClipArt

Open ClipArt has over 145,000 images for use in your creative projects. While the site offers a premium paid version that gives access to some of its artwork, there are also plenty of free unlimited options to choose from. We particularly like their Vintage category that features old signage and retro images, perfecting for embellishing your journal with fun.

Vector 4 Free

Vector 4 Free has some great sets of downloadable clip art. The site is very user-friendly, and the designs are fun and unique. We loved their cute mini-sushi icons and butterfly designs. On the completely reverse end of the spectrum, their skull designs are amazing as well.

Other ways to find clip art:

1-Google Image Search

In the search bar of google type in what you are looking for and click on the subcategory, “images.” You will generally find a host of images related to your search word. Click on the button that says “clip art” to narrow it down. You can then click on individual pictures to discover their licensing stipulations. While this can be tedious, it is a great way to find new and interesting images.

2-Online Art Websites

Online websites devoted to artisans who create and sell their wares will showcase clip art that is both digitally delivered or pre-cut and delivered to your home.

3-Craft Stores

Craft and scrapbooking stores stock a variety of images and notebook clip art to use in journaling. In fact, you could spend hours browsing the aisles discovering creative ideas to help you illustrate your journal.

4-Things You Already Have

Lastly, don’t overlook free sources that you already have right at home. Cutting illustrations out of magazines and old books is still a great old-fashioned way to decorate your journal. Postcards and theater tickets serve as memorabilia that can paint the pages of your journal. Junk mail, also, may serve as Notebook Clipart and may contain images that can be interesting and add color, depth, and design to your journal.

How should I apply clip art to my journal?

For most Notebook clip art, you can use glue sticks, double sided-tape, a liquid glue, spray adhesive or glue dots made for scrap booking or journaling. . These can be quickly and inexpensively found at craft and hobby stores, or online. Presumably, you want your art journal to last, so make sure you look for acid-free, archival quality adhesives when shopping for these items.

With so many options to choose from, you should soon be well on your way to making your Jofelo leather journal beautifully illustrated, artful and as unique as you are.

We hope you enjoyed this article. Do you have a favorite place to for clip art? Let us know. We would love to hear from you!