Vintage Journal Personalizing Ideas

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After choosing and purchasing your perfect journal, you can always make it more unique with a few very easy tips and variations. Don’t worry, luckily you don’t have to be a pro in DIY ideas and execution to personalize your journal – there are endless elegant and simple yet practical ways to make the most out of your notebook.

Leather Carving

Thanks to the modern, outstanding technology of crazy horse leather, you can easily modify the outlook and cover of Jofelo journals. Crazy horse leather is known to change its color due to temperature and pressure, making any short-term ideas quick to be done. On the other hand, as a soft and sturdy material, it is a great choice for long term carvings as well, for example for adding monograms, names or a date on the cover of your journal. This is a great touch that will emphasize the vintage look of the journal, making it suitable for travel or business.

Unique Colors

Another great way for journal personalizing is to add just a hint of color to it with a help of a thin satin or leather ribbon. These solutions ensure that your journal remains elegant and sophisticated, with a personal touch to it. You can choose from various colors, and for this year, we recommend a classy royal blue, deep emerald green or beige ribbon (which works especially well with our smaller sized journals).

Subtle Details

We already added subtle, beautiful details to our journals, but you can add other small touches as well for journal personalizing, such as pins, a unique pen or anything that holds a remarkable memory for you, such as an old travel stamp or passport sticker (especially for travel diaries). With crazy horse leather, you can be creative without worrying about the quality of the material, as crazy horse leather will keep your notes safe throughout the years.

Organizing Your Journal

Besides the cover, you can personalize the inside of the journal as well, making it more practical, no matter when and what for you would like to use it. To help you out with journal planning, we gathered our favorite tips, and since Jofelo journals offer high quality, blank pages, you can easily make the most of every page and be creative.

Creating Sections

Our first recommendation is creating different sections and “chapters” to be able to organize your journal properly. Depending on the use (for travel notes, school, work or personal notes) of the journal, create separate sections and mark them visibly with a marker or little post-it note.

Using Different Colors

Have two or three different shades to use when writing your journal, which will help make a difference between chapters, topics and sections. This is especially useful if you are using it a study journal, but adding more colors is a nice way otherwise to “cheer up” the journal.

Playing with Charts, Images and Database

For a more modern use of the journal, we recommend adding photos, post it notes and drawing charts where needed, for work and business meetings. Because of the look of