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Unwritten Journey

High quality full grain leather journal with limitless durability and a spark of creativity

Journals are an amazing item. They are designed to hold your deepest thoughts, plans, and dreams. What’s a better way to align your thought than using a high quality journal that inspires creativity and assures you that it is here for the long haul?

Our high quality and refillable unwritten journeys leather journal comes with all of the features that embody the perfect notebook while adding a unique touch of quality, style and versatility. Designed for all genders, this journal features a dark brown full grain crazy horse leather exterior that guarantees you freedom from wear and tear. With this, there is never a limit to how deep your thoughts can run as its toughness means that you can bring it along with you without having to risk damage.

It is designed with 300 pages of high quality paper and an allowance for a refill using the paper of your choice. This is made specifically to ensure that your notes, and inscriptions never run dry and that your thoughts should always have a place they to materialise into physical representations. With thick and safe 2mm leather exterior, you can count on it to save your best memories and then some.

A handmade journal designed to be the perfect writing utility set and perfect for everyone

This journal is like non you have ever had. It offers you an accessible simplicity while ensuring that your notes and thoughts are kept safe from intruders and unauthorised eyes. Complete with unique and fine-crafted double strap locks and a handcrafted leather binder that makes it well bound and properly fastened, this journal allows for optimum security and compatibility with other types of external accessories. There are no restrictions to the kinds of pen you can use as it comes with 300 pages of bleed and blot-free paper that allows you to write at will.

An all in one durable journal, Bookmark and innovative pen holder

Now you can carry it all in one tough package. This journal doubles as a pen holder with a thick sheath that steadily holds your pen in place for easy removal when needed. It comes with an equally remarkable bookmark that consists of a single strap of full grain leather with a guarantee of longevity. It offers you a set of 5 books comprising of white unlined 120gsm paper that are absolutely fountain pen-friendly

The perfect long-lasting and custom gifts sets suitable for men, women and all kinds of occasions

Journals are the perfect gift item. They show that you are interested in helping the recipient gather their thoughts and that you believe in their creativity. This handcrafted leather journal takes this a step further by showing that you care about quality and are a person of great style and culture. Not only is this beautifully designed journal perfect for all genders, it is also an amazing choice for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, graduation and just about any other celebration.

Smooth stylish and high quality leather strapped journal

Made out of 2mm of unaltered Full grain leather, this journal comes with a simple design yet a promise of safety, companionship and durability that lasts for a lifetime. It allows you to continue your thoughts process even when you fill all 300 pages through a unique refill system with strong leather binding. You never have to worry about paper-rip or jamming as you get a trustworthy note keeping system that never lets your story end.

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