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Behind every Jofelo journal that we create, there is our story of excellence, antique fashion and unique materials with a beautiful craftsmanship. To make you more familiar with our products and special features, we collected the highlights of Jofelo, from creating the journals to our attention to detail.

What makes Jofelo Journals so special?

Our passion is to create a journal that you can use for any occasion, any time. Whether you can write pages every day or just need a high quality notebook which you can grab when you need to make notes, Jofelo journals were created to be your long-time, reliable notebooks. With the unique crazy horse leather (made from cattle skin) and the details such as the leather appliques, the double bands and the refillable paper technique, our journals mix together craftsmanship and a vintage feel with new, modern ideas. We also love taking care of small extra touches, such as a gift packaging with every order

What Is Crazy Horse Leather?

We know, the term might sound misleading, but the uniqueness of this leather perfectly explains the origin of the name. Our journals are made from a very soft cattle skin, similarly to haute couture watches and shoes. Because of its delicate texture and special waxing procedure, crazy horse leather reacts to different touches on the surface and will alter colour – so you can create your very own, special designs for each journal, making it one of a kind and only yours. This type of leather feels and acts different than regular leather, PU or faux leather, and already has a luxurious, vintage feel to it.

FAQ about Crazy Horse Leather

Is it durable?

Yes, just like any other high quality leather, crazy horse leather, and therefore our journals are very durable as well, guaranteeing that it will stay with you for years without any flaws.

How can you reach and maintain this effect?

Crazy horse leather is created with the process of waxing the surface of the soft, buffed leather. Instead of blending in, this wax creates the colour changing effect when the leather is being touched or rubbed.

Can I change its pattern at home?

Yes, you can easily alter its texture by using a coin (or even your fingernails) for short term changes. On the other hand, for permanent engravings and patterns, use a special, leather punch tool, which will change the leather journal’s cover and personalize it.

Is it made from a high-quality leather?

Yes, our journals and crazy horse leather is made from luxurious cattle leather, which is known to be the best in the fashion industry, used by famous brands such as Chanel and Emilio Pucci.

Papers & Pens – Our Recommendations

Since we offer refillable journals, you can try out various different pen and paper combinations once you run out of our original, thick white, blot-free and bleed-free paper. Depending on the purpose of the journal, we can recommend refilling it with thick, lined or checked paper (for writing essay sketches, notes and schedules) or drawing or watercolour paper (if you would like to use the journal for drawing and using different ink pens). To match the journal’s vintage inspired, stunning cover, you can also refill it with slightly yellow or ecru tinted paper, which will accentuate the antiqueness of the leather cover.