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The ultimate leather journal for a traveller- refillable and handcrafted full grain exterior

The trekker journal is an adventurer’s best friend. It is more than just a document for all of your experiences, it is a physical representation of all of the amazing locations you have visited, and a souvenir that reminds you of all the wonderful memories you have collected. What then happens when your precious travel journal begin to wear and tear? Thankfully, with our durable full grain trekker journal, you never have to answer that question!

The most amazing feature of the trekker is its functionality. It comes designed specifically as an item that adds no bulk as its sleek and slim exterior can fit into your back pack without adding extra weight. Aside from its simple design and highly portable frame, the trekker is made to show temporary scratches and marks in order to allow you make erasable personalisation changes to it.

It is perfect for personalisation and offers a unique filling system that allows you to add more pages to the story of your adventures. It comes with three different kinds of paper as a means to aid your convenience when writing.

A hand-crafted and sturdy travel journal suitable for all weathers

The trekker brings you 180 solid sheets of 80gsm paper that are fountain pen friendly. It is divided into three different sections; unlined, Kraft and lined as the perfect means to make room for all sorts of sketches, storytelling and notes. With lightweight pages and an even more refined exterior, you can easily tell that the trekker is your pocket book for even the most daunting adventures. Whether you are trying to jot down ideas while working, taking measurements for further studies or trying to capture beautiful sights using sketches, the trekker is the canvas you need.

High quality leather journal and complete gift set good for all events and genders.

Creativity does not discriminate and neither does your thoughts. If you are trying to get a gift item that is both thoughtful, helpful and will stand the test of time while serving as a positive memory, then the traveller is what you need. It comes with one extra book of unlined white refill paper to give more room for your amazing thoughts. The Jofelo trekker also takes care of its own, as it brings with it a custom made gift box that shows the recipient exactly how much thought was put into it.

Safe, secure and stylish leather journal that is excellent in use and suitable for gifting

The trekker journal is perhaps the simplest of them all. Unlike its counterparts, it comes with a single strap elastic strap lock that holds it all in place securely while you go about your regular business. Its lightweight nature makes it the right carry-on item. Whether you are going for a short walk and want to capture some amazing sceneries or a long voyage, the trekker is a trustworthy companion.

Superior leather journal with a versatile choice of paper for the traveller- sleek and handmade

The trekker offers you a unique refill system with an elastic binder that makes it easy to change out the three different book options when needed. With three different paper choices consisting of 180 fountain pen friendly sheets, there are no restrictions to the inscriptions you can make.

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