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What is a Pregnancy Journal ?

A diary that is used by a woman from the time that she discovers that she is expectant up to the time that she will give birth. Having a pregnancy book is also a form of therapy when one is pregnant. This is because pregnancies are known to create emotional turmoil and stress. As much as being pregnant is a wonderful thing it can come with loads of stress and there is no better way of relieving some of that stress than writing in a journal.

Putting your thoughts into word can be rewarding during pregnancy. The best part of keeping a pregnancy journal is that you will have something to show your children when they grow up.

What a Pregnancy Journal is Used For ?

The book is used to monitor or keep track of all the moments and happenings of your pregnancy from conception till the time you will give birth. The journal should be used to record the number of weeks that you are pregnant. What you have been doing in that particular week or month. You should also include if you have gone to see the midwife for an appointment. The book can also be used in noting down whether you had a surprise baby shower, if you have had a busy week in the office or if you have attended some family functions. Don’t use the journal to only write about the pregnancy also include your day to day life of how life being pregnant is really like.

You can also note down some of the instances that you have been throwing up. Whether it’s in the morning or night or when going to work. You can also note down if your appetite has gone down whether you are snoring when sleeping and also whether you have indigestions after meals. Use the journal to write down each and everything that is happening to you and your body during this time.

Why You Need a Pregnancy Journal ?

Reduce Stress

We need a pregnancy journal to reduce or relieve the stress that comes with being pregnant. The journal helps in finding solutions for pregnancy fears and control anxiety which is brought by having negative thoughts. It is a right way of relieving stress that might hurt the unborn baby and also help in accessing emotions.

Tracking Progress

It is a lot of fun tracking your pregnancy and record the way your baby bump has grown. Journaling a pregnancy can also act as a confidence booster. If there are plans for getting pregnant again, the journal can be used to encourage a person from the past experiences.

Celebrating Happy Moments

I remember how overjoyed I was when I found out that we were expecting a baby girl and when we saw the first ultrasound. All these feeling and emotions and the things that you are proud of can be written or drawn in the pregnancy journal book.

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A journal is a perfect way of remembering your pregnancy journey even after delivering a baby. The journal can be used as a gift to kids when they have grown up.