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A small notebook with white pages may not seem like anything significant to the average person, but to me, it held the opportunity to communicate with God and to have Him help me to shape my future. I started a prayer journal when I was fourteen. After experiencing my first season of teen rebellion, I had repented and needed to stay connected to God more closely.

I had been taught, even as a young teen that the closer you are to God, the easier it was to resist temptation. That did not mean that temptation was not going to come, or that I wouldn’t experience it, but I knew that with God by my side, I could do so more easily.

To get closer to God I had to spend time with Him. As a teen, it was often hard to focus and really listen to Him. I needed something to help me do that. Maybe you do too. That is why I believe that you need a prayer journal. A prayer journal can help you in a number of ways.

Prayer Journal Ideas

According to me, a prayer journal is somewhat different from basically keeping a diary since the fact of the matter isn’t simply to record my feelings, thoughts, and observations (in spite of the fact that a prayer journal may incorporate those things). Rather, a prayer journal helps me to record my discussions with God. Not simply asks for, but rather what he is instructing and uncovering to me, and what I am stating to the Lord.

The important thing about recording my appeals & responses to prayers is that I construct a record of God’s devotion to my life after some time. I perceive how I change in light of your conditions and because of what the Lord is doing in my life.

Why Do I Need A Prayer Journal

1. Prayer journals Assist Me Track My Spiritual Journey.

I’ve been retaining a prayer journal now for almost two decades. Regularly I review the prayers & I am overjoyed over the operations I have encountered growth, confused over those which remain constant, and worried about those which I have withdrawn. It also helps me know what I am grateful for and can help show me Gratitude.

2. Prayer Journals Assist Me to free the Hurt in Thoughts Of bad Events.

It’s a corrective approach to emotionally prevent yourself from agony. Several of the problems we fight in our lives stem from the pain hidden deep within. So, journaling permits us to draw those problems out from the dark corners of our souls & to the God of light.

3. Prayer Journals Assist Me Perfect Listening To God.

God wants to talk to you, & in the communication process, He will provide you with direction, inspiration and correction. While you put them down in that journal, you train yourself to listen and to understand His voice.

4. Prayer Journals Encourage My Faith.

A standout among st the most remunerating parts of our association with God is that He converses with us and answers our prayer. Truth be told, Jesus said that He will answer prayer so your happiness might be full. As you record the answered prayer your confidence grows. You develop a rest and assurance that does God hear you, as well as He will answer you.

How to start a prayer journal

Begin your tour to journaling today. If you as of now make a prayer journal be predictable with your entries.