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What is a Gratitude Journal ?

A gratitude journal is a type of notebook where I write things that I am grateful for. I keep a gratitude journal because I want to focus on the positive side of things in my life. I agree there are a lot of negative things but what motivates and keeps me going are the positive things that I feel good about. Positive things in my life are the best gratitude journal prompts for me. Those are the ideas that I write in my gratitude journal.

Gratitude is the act of appreciating or giving thanks. We always understand what is right and positive. This feeling of appreciation has been so helpful in the positive psychology sector. According to my research and studies, the habit of being grateful is a way of being happy. This is why I keep a gratitude journal since it is the source of my happiness.

How to Use A Gratitude Journal ?

A gratitude journal can be used for many things. Firstly, I can use it to keep the good memories of what made me happy and what I am grateful for. More so, studies have proved that a gratitude journal can be used to relieve stress since it reminds me of the happy moments therefore with it, I can overcome the negative thoughts that are stressing me.

Additionally, it can be used to find clarity. The moment I start writing about what I am grateful for, I begin to precisely find out what I want in my life and what I can do away with to make my life better. What matters in life? Is it what people say about us? Is it what we think? Well, a gratitude journal can be used to answer such questions. This is because what matters is what makes me happy. I am so glad that is why I am grateful. Therefore, the positive things that make us happy in our lives are what matter.

Sometimes in life, we feel so down, and we even reach a point of hating ourselves and the lives we live. This is the point where the gratitude journal is useful. After going through it, I will be able to notice that I have good people and that good things have happened in my life. This will, therefore, bring back the positive attitude and the happiness that I need at the time.

Why Do I Need  A Gratitude Journal ?

I need a gratitude journal due to its numerous benefits. According to psychologists, what we think before we sleep will set the tone of the sleep and the dreams that can come up in the first five hours or so. As a result, in case I read the gratitude journal before I sleep. The possible consequences are that I will sleep well and have pleasant dreams. This sounds amazing, right?

Furthermore, it helps me change the way I think about life. When I decide to keep a gratitude journal, it means I have committed myself to retain things that inspire and motivate me, and on the other hand, I let go of the thoughts that do not help me. This means my thoughts will always be positive am helpful.

Additionally, appreciation and a positive attitude can be a way of building emotional and mental strength. There are challenges in life, and the power that I have developed will help me go through them. I need such strength to make it in life. The best gratitude journal prompts come from my positive experiences in life.

Gratitude Journal Prompt Ideas are a good way to get started

To some of us, keeping a gratitude journal can be a hard task since we only focus more on what we do not have than what we have. We tend to pay attention to our imperfections and problems. However, here are some of the guides that will help you make you gratitude journal amazing especially after you concentrate on the good that has happened to you and you are grateful for:

25 Gratitude Journal Prompts : Ideas that Are Sure To Inspire

1. Find out what you are looking forward to. Is it to have a new phone? To know how to drive? What is it? Find out.

2. Compare this day and the past. What have you achieved? What is it that you have today yet you didn’t a few months or years back? Does it make you happy? Be grateful for it.

3. Write about the happy memories that you have ever had.

4. Share with your journal about a place that made you happy and you feel good to have went there.

5. Write about the best thing you have accomplished that makes you proud such as college graduation.

6. Find out about something that you own that makes life easier for you. Am sure you are grateful for it.

7. In your gallery or photo album, there is a picture that is your favourite. Why do you like it? What makes you grateful about it?

8. It is also a good idea to write about someone or something that makes you feel secure when you have him/her/it around you.

9. There is this trait or character that people likes you for. Write about it and be grateful for it.

10. Is there a mistake that you did and at the end it gave you a lesson that has been of help throughout your life? Write about it.

11. Look at your room. What is it that you see and you smile because you feel good that you have it?

12. On your birthday, engagement party or on your anniversary or wedding day, someone gave you something that you have always wanted to have. What is it? Who is the person?

13. There is this friend that you really appreciate his/her friendship. Write about him/her.

14. There is this artist whom you cannot afford to miss any of his/her songs. Who is he/she? Why do you like him/her?

15. Who is the family member that you feel grateful for such as a brother of sister?

16. Do you love pets? Which pet do you love such that you can cry for? Which name did you give it?

17. Which skill do you have and you are proud of it since your friends do not have it?

18. Which book have you ever read and you would love to read it again and again?

19. There is this idea you came up with and all your friends liked it and are proud of you. Does it make you happy? Write about it.

20. Are you single? What makes the single life amazing? Are you married? What do you like most about the marriage life?

21. You have this person you rely and count on when you are desperate or facing hard times. Is he/she a friend, family member, relative or class/workmate? Write about him/her.

22. Which body part do you like about yourself? Your eyes, the shape of your nose or ears?

23. Which food recipe are you confident that you prepare perfectly well and people will like?

24. Write about the prize you won out of the many participants that were with you.

25. Write about your favorite day of the week that makes you feel relaxed. Is it a weekend?

Take your time to create your own bullet list of gratitude journal prompts that are personalized to your life and family. Consider a Jofelo leather journal for the perfect gratitude journal.