Graduation Gifts for Him

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As an educator, graduation has always held a special place in my heart. I know that it is important to find the best graduation gift for him that expresses my feelings. It’s rewarding to see my students gathered with family members and friends to celebrate their educational accomplishments. This is especially true for those students who I know have experienced a great amount of trial and tribulation during their academic journey. While seeing my students graduate has always brought me joy, I was never prouder than to see my husband graduate with his advanced college degree. He had been pursuing his degree part-time while raising his five-year-old daughter on his own when we met. His graduation was a pinnacle achievement due to the sacrifices he made along the way. While I was excited about the degree he had earned, I was also excited about the additional earning power his degree provided, since according to the Social Security Administration, his lifetime earnings potential had grown to $1.5 million more than a high school graduate with his Master’s degree in hand.

One of the biggest dilemmas I faced as it neared his graduation date was what to get him as a graduation gift. While I knew that the pride of achieving something so monumental would be rewarding on its own, I still wanted a graduation gift for him that showed I was proud of his accomplishments. I spent a lot of time thinking of different graduation gift ideas, which led me to come up with quite an expansive list of graduation gifts for guys.

7 Best Graduation Gifts for Him

1. Jofelo Handmade Leather Journal

Regardless of what level of educational achievement he’s obtained, one of the best graduation gift ideas for your man is a journal. This unwritten book provides him with the perfect place to capture his thoughts, dreams and experiences along his life journey. One of my favorite leather journals on the market today is the Jofelo handmade leather journal.

What I love about this journal is that it offers refillable pages. This makes the gift timeless and gives him the opportunity to use the journal for many years to come. It’s not like the traditional journals you find in most bookstores, where once the pages become full it gets tucked away in a drawer or stuck on a shelf to gather dust. Refilling the pages is extremely easy since the pages come in bundled sections. When a section gets full he can simply insert a new section full of blank pages and continue capturing his thoughts and ideas in one cohesive place.

Another part of the Jofelo handmade leather journal that I absolutely love is the leather exterior. With each journal being handmade, you can see the quality and craftsmanship that the makers put in to crafting the leather. Being made of leather provides durability to the journal making it a great gift that will last for a long time. Your man can carry it around for years and always keep it within arms-reach to capture a random thought or idea. The quality of the leather will ensure it endures throughout the years. You might even find that it becomes a cherished member of the family, serving as a history book for your family as your children and grandchildren read through it and learn more about you, your man and the family through his writing.

2. Electronic Travel Organizer

Travel is an important part of life as it provides unique experiences while teaching us about other cultures. If your guy is like many, he may embark on a vacation to relax and celebrate his accomplishments. You can provide the perfect gift for his adventures by getting an electronic travel organizer as a graduation gift for him. This organizer allows him to store multiple electronic devices safely while also keeping cords, headphones and accessories neatly organized and accessible. The organizer folds up nicely to fit in suitcases and backpacks, or it can be carried on its own. Its size and organization pockets make it the perfect gift if he is a frequent flier as it quickly allows access to the electronics he is required to pull out of his bag when going through airport security.

While graduation gifts for him like this seem most applicable to college graduates who may embark on travel before entering the workforce, high school graduates and eighth graders promoting to high school can also benefit from receiving this gift. Most high school graduates will enter college and begin making weekend and school break trips between their college dorm room and thei parent’s house. This is the perfect bag for your guy to pack his electronics in and ensure all cords and accessories he needs are always with him regardless of where he’s at. Forgetting the cord that he needs to charge his cell phone over the weekend while at your house not only frustrates him but can make for a long weekend for you as well if he’s constantly bored and looking to be entertained.

If you have an eighth-grade son, he can benefit as well by using the organizer to keep track of his devices and accessories when traveling for sporting events, school trips and other activities. As he moves into high school, it’s important that eighth graders start to take responsibility for their personal items. This includes learning how to keep track of them and keep them organized as well. Graduation gifts for him like this help to start teaching him these critical skills.

3. Suit or Suit Jacket

Suits or a suit jacket make great graduation gifts for him and are applicable to all levels of graduates. After graduating from college, your man will enter the adult world where having a suit on hand is essential. Depending on his line of work, he may need to wear a suit to work every day, or it may only be required for certain work occasions, such as when meeting with external customers or pitching an idea to company leadership. In addition, post-college life typically includes weddings, birthday celebrations, fancy dinners, nice dates and other occasions where wearing a suit is expected.

Getting a suit as graduation gifts for him shouldn’t be limited to just men graduating from college. High school graduates can also benefit from receiving a suit or suit jacket as a graduation gift. Graduates from high school entering college will need the suit as they start to work on future career prospects. Attending career fairs, going to networking dinners with industry professionals and interviewing for internships or jobs will be just a few of the ways your guy will wear his suit during college. Given that college students don’t typically have a lot of money and suits can be pricier than what college students are used to paying for clothes, gifting him a suit as a high school graduation present really can make a difference as he pursues career opportunities during college. Without it, he may attend career activities with only a dress shirt and tie. While this isn’t necessarily a faux paux, it has the potential to put him behind the pack in an application or interview pool if all the other candidates are dressed in suits.

While not facing as many events and activities requiring formal dress as high school and college graduates, your eighth-grade graduate can still benefit from the graduation gift ideas of a suit or suit jacket. As he goes through high school, he will have the opportunity to wear dress attire as he attends school dances, award banquets, scholarship dinners and other formal events. Having a suit jacket on hand may even improve his dating game as he can really dress up and impress his crush by taking her to a nice dinner.

4. Apple iPad

Tablets, such as an Apple iPad, are great graduation gift ideas for guys. Not only are they a sought after gift for their entertainment and every-day uses, there’s benefit to all levels of graduates. If your guy is graduating from high school or eighth grade, odds are that he will be pursuing additional education. The iPad can be used to conduct research, study for classes, write papers, sketch and connect with his classmates to discuss homework.

For high school graduates in particular, the iPad offers a lot of advantages. If he’s able to download or purchase the electronic version of the book through his iPad, it can eliminate the need for him to carry heavy textbooks across campus while he is in college. Through the various apps available to download, the iPad also offers the ability to improve your guy’s overall academic performance. He can take notes, record lectures, and snap a photograph of what a professor has displayed on a white board rather than trying to draw it out himself on paper to reference later. Plus depending on the type of textbook he is able to get on his iPad, he may be able to take notes in the margins to help his understanding of certain concepts while being explained by his professor. Of course, the iPad also makes it so all of these things, from notes to the book to snapshots are all kept in one place and easily accessible.

Your college graduate can also benefit from receiving an iPad as a graduation gift as tablets are becoming increasingly popular in the work place due to the flexibility they provide. Having an Apple iPad allows your man to connect to the office at any point from anywhere. It also provides him with the potential to improve his work product, since it allows him to be more productive and efficient during meetings, hallway conversations and other interactions at work where he may share or collaborate with others. Ultimately this graduation gift can pay for itself if it leads your man to be more effective in the work place, which is rewarded through salary increases and promotions.

5. Wireless Headphones

Regardless of if your man is graduating from college, high school or eighth grade, a pair of wireless headphones may be the perfect gift for him to celebrate his graduation. Music is appealing to all age groups and can be with you anywhere that you have your cell phone. It’s often helpful to put on headphones and listen to music to drown out other noise you don’t particularly want to hear. For me that’s drowning out traffic noise as a I walk to work and blocking out cubicle mates in the work place who talk loudly on the phone while I’m trying to concentrate.

Your man can also benefit from wireless headphones since listening to music can relieve stress and boost your overall happiness. You might find that by simply putting them on and firing up his favorite track, his overall mood instantly lifts. Plus given the fact that the headphones are wireless, he doesn’t have to mess with any cords or wires that get in his way or restrict his mobility if he likes to wear the headphones while working out.

6. Electronic Backpack

Backpacks are common gifts for eighth grade and high school graduates as each will need these to continue pursuing their next degree. However, don’t just buy him any backpack as a graduation gift. Give your guy an electronic backpack that provides the functionality of an ordinary backpack but comes with cool features catering to the digital world your guy is accustomed to. An electronic backpack allows him to securely carry electronics without fear of them getting broken, crushed or smashed during transport. It offers an easy-to-access USB charging port, which provides quick charging access for phones, tablets and other electronic devices. This alone can be a life saver for your graduate if they are at the library or a coffee shop studying for a major test and don’t have access to a power source to charge their dying computer.

College graduates can also benefit from this type of graduation gift as well. Your guy can use his electronic backpack to help transport his laptop, work phone and other electronic devices to and from the office each day. The USB charging port ensures that he will always have power for his devices, even if traveling by train or air where charging options are not always available.

7. Amazon Echo

The Amazon Echo is a neat gift option to celebrate your guy’s accomplishments. He can use Echo for a number of different things depending on where he currently is in his life. As a college graduate, he can use Echo to stay up-to-date on news and weather, while also utilizing the personal assistant aspects of the device to help keep him organized on work and social activities.

For your guy, the high school graduate attending college, he can use the Amazon Echo as he navigates the waters of college life. Echo’s knowledge network allows it to answer almost any question your guy might have, which can come in useful if he’s studying for a test or writing a research paper and needs help. Plus new college students often find they don’t know some of the basic life tasks that adults take for granted, such as how to cook, clean and do laundry. By asking Echo a simple question, your guy can learn to become self-sufficient before he turns all of his shirts pink.

Echo provides messaging capabilities as well, which is also why it is a great gift for eighth graders graduating to high school. Teenage boys can are known for being moody and distant, so it’s likely that your guy will experience this as well. You can use Echo to communicate with your teenage son and his brother. Rather than having to yell down the stairs over loud music playing, you can simply say “Echo. Tell Joe dinner is ready.” In my household, this has been a lifesaver.

4 Best College Graduation Gifts for Him

College graduation is quite an achievement for many guys as not all men elect to attend college, and even of those that attend, not all graduate. Graduating from college typically signals your man’s entrance into the workforce, so it is often expected to choose a good college graduation gift that helps him in his future career or life as he moves beyond college. With college degrees typically taking four years to achieve, here are four college graduation gifts for your guy that help him remember his college achievements and memories while also transitioning to his next life phase.

1. Gold Flask

Like most college students, some of my best memories from college come from parties and social events involving alcohol. If this is true for your husband, boyfriend or guy friend, help him cherish these memories by giving him a flask as a gift. Flasks make great college graduation gifts for friends as it’s often these individuals who share these memories. A gift of a flask serves as a reminder of times from the past he enjoyed while also providing a vehicle for commemorating future achievements and special events with a celebratory drink.

2. Diploma Frame

Getting a college degree isn’t easy, so most men feel a great sense of pride upon receiving their degree. You can help put that pride on display by gifting your man with a diploma frame for his degree. These frames provide protection for the degree while also providing the ability to hang the degree in a work or home office. The diploma frame helps preserve the piece of paper he worked so hard to get and probably paid a lot of money to receive.

3. Instant Pot

Cooking is not always a strong skill that men have, especially as they graduate from college. While there are a number of cookbooks and gadgets on the market today that can help increase their skills in this area, one of the best all-purpose cooking utensils you can gift to your college graduate is an Instant Pot. This device has the functionality to do the same work in the kitchen as an oven, steamer, warmer and even pressure cooker. It comes with a number of pre-programmed settings to cook different types of foods, making it easy for your guy to start using and then slowly increase his skills and confidence as he experiments more with it. Plus he can connect to apps through his phone that provide recipes and additional cooking instructions for the Instant Pot.

4. Fun Cuff Links

If you’re looking for college graduation gift ideas that cater to your mn’s interests or personality, consider giving him some fun cuff links. They come in all different styles so you can find some that fit his interests and activities. This is true even if he is into superheroes and villains. Fun cuff links are great graduation gifts for him if he will be entering the workforce and frequently required to wear suits to work. While it’s often difficult to show your own personality with a suit, cuff links that are unique to his tastes can provide that little bit of individual flare in a monochrome world.

4 Best High School Graduation Gifts for Him

According to the Schott Foundation for Public Education, high school graduate rates for white men are 80% while Latino and African American men have graduate rates at 65% and 59% respectively. While these numbers indicate a majority of males graduate from high school, there’s still a need to celebrate earning a high school degree because not everybody achieves this milestone. As part of the celebration, it’s important that you acknowledge the accomplishment of your son, boyfriend or friend. Graduation gift ideas at this stage are typically focused on the next step in your guy’s life, which for the majority of men is attending college.

1. Unique Wall Art

If your guy is heading off to college and will be living in a dorm room, wall art or posters make great graduation gifts for him. Dorm rooms are known for providing a stale and sterile feel as rooms are often identical to each other. Living in a small space with another person, who may be a stranger, can be unpleasant for your guy. You can help him feel more at home and make a successful transition by gifting him wall art that he can use to help decorate the dull space.

2. Desk Lamp

College is notorious for requiring students to stay up late cramming for a test or writing a research paper. While the library or local coffee shop may become your guy’s favorite place to study, if he’s pulling an all-nighter, chances are he will end up spending the night in his dorm room cramming after the library and coffee shop have closed. Providing him with a desk lamp as a graduation gift allows him to study in his room during the late-night hours without having overhead lights on. This allows him to continue focusing on his academics while keeping the peace with his roommate by allowing him to sleep with only minimal light on.

3. Single Cup Coffee Maker

Although he might frown when he unwraps it, single cup coffee makers make great high school graduation gifts for him. High school graduates typically don’t drink or appreciate coffee at the time of their graduation from high school. However, they haven’t faced the demands of school and work on little to no sleep. As your guy ventures into college, this will become a lifeline for him, and at some point, he will be very thankful for the gift. This is likely to be at 4 a.m. as he waits for the coffee to brew as he struggles to stay awake and remain focused on finishing writing his paper that is most likely due in just a few short hours. By gifting him a single cup coffee maker, you ensure it takes up less space than a traditional coffee maker while also making it practical for him to brew just what he needs when he needs it.

4. Cards Against Humanity

If you’re looking for high school graduation gift ideas that will entertain him, Cards Against Humanity may make the perfect gift. This card game provides hours of fun as participants answer interesting, and occasionally inappropriate, adult questions using the cards in their hand. This game can provide hours of laughs for your guy and his friends, and it may even help him make friends as he starts his college adventure.

8th Grade Graduation Gifts Ideas for Him

While not as popular of a celebration as high school or college graduations, most schools still host an eighth-grade graduation to recognize the accomplishments of their students. This helps to close out the chapter of elementary and middle school, while also preparing your son or friend for his transition into high school. While 8th grade graduation gifts for him shouldn’t be as elaborate as high school or college graduation gifts, it’s still important to recognize his accomplishments.

1. Wallet

Transitioning from eighth grade to high school is a big step in his transition from boy to man. As part of growing up, he has to start taking responsibility for more things. One of the ways to help him start to be more responsible is by giving him a wallet as a graduation gift for his eighth-grade promotion. This will be a necessary item for him in high school as he earns his driver’s license and begins working a part-time job to earn his own money. Giving him this as a graduation gift helps him get used to carrying things with him and also starts to teach him the value of money as he starts to use the money in his wallet to pay for items he wants or needs. This gift can greatly impact his future financial well-being.

2. Bluetooth Speakers

Music is an important part of life for graduates from the eighth grade going in to high school. This is often the age when sons and daughters will start to develop their own music taste different from what they grew up listening to with their parents. Music also tends to take on a more personal and sentiment touch during the high school years as students go through the evolution of relationships. Gifting him portable Bluetooth speakers for his eighth grade graduation gift gives him the ability to listen to music anywhere and form those deep connections with certain songs or types of music.

3. Baseball Cap

Baseball caps are perfect examples of good 8th grade graduation gift ideas. They are practical and can be used in your guy’s daily life. Baseball caps are great to wear out during social activities with friends after school or on weekends. With styles varying from superheroes to sports teams, there’s a baseball cap for almost any interest your son, grandson or guy friend has. Giving him a baseball cap as an 8th grade graduation gift can help him as he develops his own tastes and style of dress in high school. This is important as it helps him identify who he is.

A few more thoughts about graduation gift ideas for guys

Regardless of what level of education your guy has achieved, it’s important that you help celebrate his accomplishments. One of the best ways to do this is by giving graduation gifts for him that recognize and reward him for his efforts and hard work. By reviewing the graduation gift ideas presented here and selecting which graduation gifts for guys is right for him, you can convey the pride and love you have for his accomplishments.