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I come from a large family. My parents were blessed with five daughters, and the female prominence has continued to the next generation with our children, as we have 23 girls and only three boys between myself and my four sisters. With so many young daughters and nieces in our family, it seems like every time we turn around someone is graduating, whether it’s from college, high school or eighth grade.

Regardless of if it’s my daughter or one of my nieces, each time I always seem to struggle with graduation gift ideas for her that will recognize her educational accomplishment. She will only get to experience her eighth grade, high school and undergraduate college graduations once, so I don’t want to give her something generic. Popular gifts, such as cash or gift cards, can be given for any occasion, such as a birthday or holiday. I want to give her something that she’ll cherish for years to come or something that will help her as she transitions into the next phase of her life. Graduation is a key milestone in a young woman’s life, so I want graduation gifts for her that marks this special occasion.

Finding the right graduation gift ideas for her may take some time, but I’m willing to make that investment each time one of the girls is getting ready to graduate. The right gift often depends on what level of education has been achieved. Graduation gift ideas for her that are great for an eighth grader graduating and transitioning into high school aren’t usually practical for college graduates as well. However, in my experience, I have found that there are seven prominent graduation gifts for her that are applicable for all ages, regardless of what level of education they have achieved. Giving these graduation gifts for her convey your sentiments of love and pride for the recipient and their accomplishments.

7 Best Graduation Gifts for Her

1.Jofelo Handmade Leather Journal

Most girls have at some point kept a diary while they were growing up. While this diary may have been filled with frivolous topics and gossip during their younger years, the experience of journaling and the impact it can have on the overall quality of their life makes it a great graduation gift idea for the woman in your life, regardless of age. According to an article published by the University of Wisconsin’s Health System, just 20 minutes of journaling each day over four or more consecutive days can improve immune system functioning and decrease overall health problems. Who wouldn’t want to give the gift of better health to their graduating family member or friend?

Your college graduate will find the Jofelo handmade leather journal makes perfect graduation gifts for her as she can use it to capture her thoughts, emotions and experiences as she transitions into the workplace and adult life. If she’s like most young adults in their early or mid-20s, she will enjoy traveling to remote and exotic locations to experience everything the world has to offer. With its durable leather exterior and its refillable blank pages, the Jofelo journal is ready to tag along to any destination she wants to visit. Along the way, she can fill the pages with her experiences and memories, making it a treasured memento she’ll cherish and look back at for the rest of her life.

Making the transition from high school to college may be difficult for your daughter, niece or other female family member or friend. It may be her first time living on her own, and she may have difficult or unique roommates to deal with. The academic demands will prove more challenging than high school while abundant social activities may serve as a distraction from her main focus of getting her education. While the emotions she’s experiencing during all this change will most likely be felt amongst all her peers, it’s not common for college students to share their feelings of missing home or being stressed about classes until trust and friendship has been built. Graduation gift ideas for her of a Jofelo handmade leather journal provide her with an opportunity to express her feelings and let her stress out in a healthy manner. This way she doesn’t have to expose her insecurities and vulnerabilities to her peers until she is comfortable and ready to do so.

If your goal is to set your eighth grader up for success as she transitions into high school, the Jofelo handmade leather journal can be one of the best graduation gift ideas for her. The University of Wisconsin Health System also reports that 15 minutes of journaling each day results in higher grades in school. Just by writing about her experiences each day in the Jofelo journal, your average high school student might just make the honor roll. With the option to refill the pages once they are full, you might even find that the journal keeps her academically strong throughout high school and sets her up nicely for college with scholarship and other financial aid as a result of her good grades.

2.Compass Necklace

Jewelry makes great graduation gift ideas for her since jewelry is often given for special occasions. A piece of jewelry, such as the Sterling Silver compass necklace, applauds her accomplishments while also encouraging her as she embarks on the next stage of her life. The compass serves as a reminder that life is a journey, and there’s always an adventure waiting to be experienced. Depending on her familiarity with the compass symbol and outdoor activities, the necklace may also serve as a symbol that she can always find her way in this world. Alternatively, the necklace can serve as wonderful graduation gifts from parents as it communicates to the graduate that she can always find her way home as well. While inspirational words are provided with the necklace, you can personalize it by adding your own note and words of encouragement that speak directly to your graduate.

The compass necklace is an ideal college graduation gift as she is going out into the world officially on her own. While she may have been living in her own apartment while attending college, graduation often signifies complete independence as she becomes fully responsible for her finances, health insurance, car insurance and other aspects she was still getting assistance with from her parents. The timing may also be spot on to give this as a graduation gift for her if she will be embarking on actual travel and adventure before beginning her career.

College graduates aren’t the only ones who should receive the compass necklace as a graduation gift. High school and eighth grade graduates can draw inspiration from the necklace as it reminds them to stay true to who they are. This is extremely important as they venture on to college and high school, where peer pressure can make it difficult to hold their own.

3.Kind Notes

Kind notes are an excellent gift to support her as she graduates and transitions into the next phase of her life. Transitions aren’t always smooth, so these notes of kindness can really make a difference in giving her the confidence she needs to keep working through any bumps in the road. This gift consists of inspiring and uplifting quotes and phrases stuffed into a decorated keepsake jar. Whenever your daughter, niece or friend is having a bad day and needs additional encouragement to keep persevering, she can reach into the jar, grab a card and get a quick burst of inspiration and reinforcement. Alternatively, she can choose to be proactive with the support and encouragement by pulling out a quote at the beginning of each day to help get her focused.

Kind notes come in a jar that is decorated with fun and neat designs, which make it a great accessory on the desk of your college graduate as she enters the workforce. When she’s had a hectic or stressful day, she can take a few minutes to refocus by pulling out a card and getting the inspiration she needs to keep pursuing her passion and projects at work.

Your high school graduate living on her own at college may struggle with being emotionally independent for the first time in her life. You can help her work through her emotions by giving a jar of kindness notes as a high school graduation gift. Rather than calling you every time something doesn’t go her way or stresses her out, she can learn to work through her emotions on her own by finding her own encouragement and inspiration through the notes in the jar. You could even throw in a few personalized encouragement cards of your own before you wrap it. These kind notes even make great 8th grade graduation gift ideas for her, as she can use positive encouragement to inspire her as she navigates high school and its social pressures.

4. Memory Box

As she goes throughout her life, your graduate will gather mementos from special occasions. This may be the movie stub from her first date or petals from a rose that her fiancé gave her when he proposed. A memory box provides a safe place to keep these mementos tucked away until she wants to relive the moments by going through the items in the box.

A wooden memory box is the ideal host for mementos that are accumulated over the span of a lifetime. The solid wood structure provides durability that allows it to be used and preserved for many years. If she’s like most people, she’ll move at least a few times during her lifetime, and the wooden box will hold up significantly better during these transition periods than plastic or paper boxes. In addition, the wood keeps light away from the mementos, so there’s no chance that they will disappear or fade over the years.

5. Charm Bracelet

Charm bracelets are great graduation gifts for sister, daughter or niece, who holds a special place in your life. It provides a piece of jewelry that can be customized to her interests and tastes. You can add a couple of charms to the bracelet initially to signify your special relationship, her interests or your love and support for her. Once she’s received the bracelet, she can then add charms of her choosing to it. As she transitions throughout her life and her interests change, she can update the charms to keep the bracelet relevant. This makes it a gift that she can wear throughout her lifetime as the bracelet will always be current and reflect her personal style, even as she changes.

This particular charm bracelet also contains a special message. If your graduate is ever in doubt of herself and what she is capable of, the text on the bracelet provides a quick reminder that she is capable of anything that she sets her mind to. This makes it an excellent choice for a graduation gift for college, high school and eighth grade graduates, who may question themselves as they embark on the next chapter of their life.


6. Wooden Jewelry Box


Jewelry often holds sentimental value for many women based on how it was given to them. They may have received a ring or necklace from their first boyfriend, or maybe they received a piece of jewelry that was a special family heirloom passed down from generation to generation. If your daughter or niece has jewelry that is special to them, a jewelry box can be excellent graduation gift ideas for her as the box is something special and unique that they will hang on to for many years.

A jewelry box is an essential item for a college graduate. As she starts to make her own money as a working professional, your college graduate will start to buy more expensive pieces of jewelry. University graduation gifts for her of a jewelry box will provide her with the perfect place to keep her jewelry safe when not being used.

One of the best high school graduation gifts for her is a jewelry box. As she transitions to college and living in a dorm room, her bedroom will become her living space, and she will find that the number of people coming into her living space and hanging out will increase as she makes more friends and gets to know more people at her school. While most of these people will be trustworthy, it’s important that she has a place where she can securely keep her jewelry rather than just leaving it out on a dresser or cabinet, where sticky fingers may pick it up to make a quick buck or two at the local pawn shop.

While eighth grade graduates may not have a lot of jewelry, giving a jewelry box as eighth-grade graduation gifts for her gives her a place to keep the jewelry as she starts to amass it. High school will be a prominent time for starting to grow her jewelry collection as she will most likely add a high school ring, jewelry from a boyfriend, friendship bracelets and other sentiments from her high school friendships and relationships.

7. Preserved Flowers

Giving flowers to a woman to mark a special occasion is always appropriate. However, giving your graduate a bouquet of flowers doesn’t necessarily provide the lasting memento you may desire unless you purchase a preserved flower as a graduation gift. These are natural flowers that have been preserved, so they can be enjoyed for many years to come. They come in their own display case, which allows them to be admired for years to come while remaining in an ideal, preserved state.


4 College Graduation Gifts for Her


If your college graduate is like most of her peers, she will enter the workforce within a few months after the graduation festivities have ended. Over the last four years, she has been educated on topics relevant to a career field of her choosing, and now she will embark on a career that will allow her to use her specialized training and knowledge. You can support her as she makes this transition by considering college graduation gift ideas for her that support her upcoming career or help her transition into adult life.

1. Office Supplies

A set of feminine-colored office supplies are good college graduation gifts from parents if she is entering the workforce after college. These office supplies will help to add some color to the monochrome world of cubicles and offices, while also helping to show some of her personality and style. She’ll get the benefit of using these supplies every day, and they will serve as a reminder for her of you as the giver of the supplies.

2. Wine Bottle Opener and Ice Bucket

College graduates can often underestimate how stressful and tiring sitting at a desk can be for eight hours every day. It won’t be too long into her career, and she’ll be trading in those long nights at the bar for comfy pants and a spot on the couch in front of the TV. One of the ways your college graduate may find to relax after a long day at the office is by enjoying a glass of wine. You can provide the best college graduation gifts for her by giving her a wine bottle opener and an ice bucket to chill the wine. She can enjoy this gift on her own or use it when she’s hosting girls’ night at her house.

3. Drink-a-Palooza Board Game

Chances are that girls’ night will become a regular tradition for her as part of her post-college life. With the demands of work, her and her girlfriends will take the opportunity to get together periodically to relax and unwind. You can help add a little excitement to these social events by gifting the board game Drink-a-Palooza. This board game offers a variety of drinking games for participants, including beer pong, flip cup and quarters. No special items are needed to play any of the games as all needed supplies are included with the board game. Designed for 2-12 players, Drink-a-Palooza gives her the perfect excuse to coordinate girls’ night.

4. Glass Red Rose

Although practical college graduation gifts that help her transition to her life after college are appreciated, not all graduation gifts for daughter have to be applicable to her future. You can opt to give your college graduate a sentimental gift that conveys more of your emotions towards her. Flowers are a popular gift to give graduates, but they aren’t necessarily what you want to select if you want to give a sentimental gift that will be enjoyed and cherished for years to come. An alternative to this is to gift your graduate a glass red rose made from Waterford Crystals. This gift screams elegance and thought while also conveying the love and admiration you have for the graduate. This makes it a popular choice among boyfriends when shopping for graduation gifts for girlfriend. This beautiful gift won’t die after a week or two, and she can proudly display it for years to come as its beauty will last her lifetime.

4 High School Graduation Gifts for Her

High school graduation gift ideas for her should focus on what she needs moving forward as she ventures out to living on her own. Some of these items may be practical things that she won’t think about needing until she doesn’t have them in her own living space while others are more fun and geared towards her life as she transitions from kid to adult. If your daughter, niece or favorite gal is graduating from high school, here are a few gifts you can give that will help her start her independence.

1. Tool Kit

Tools aren’t the first thing that you might think of when considering different types of graduation gift ideas for her. However, as she begins living in her own house or dorm room, odds are she will sooner or later encounter a screw that’s loose, a nail that needs hammered in to hang a picture, or something that she needs to measure to ensure it will fit. Odds are that if you don’t give her the gift of tools at the time of graduation, she won’t purchase tools on her own until she actually needs them. This will require her to stop in the middle of whatever project she is working on, venture to the store and try to figure out exactly what tools she needs to complete the task. You can eliminate this inconvenience for her by giving her a small tool kit that provides the basic tools needed, such as a hammer, screwdrivers and a tape measure. Plus, with this specific tool kit there’s an added bonus as all the tools are pink.

2. Photo Printer

College is a time for making memories, and one of the favorite ways to do this is by taking photos of all the different activities that occur. While most of these are posted to social media to share with family and friends, your graduate may want to print out some photos to frame and hang in her living space. High school graduation gifts for her in the form of a photo printer allows her to do just this. The photo printer is compatible with Android and IOS devices, making it easy for her to connect her cell phone and quickly print out the photos she desires. In no time at all, her living area will be decorated with the college memories that have brought her such joy and happiness. She might even print off a picture of you as well.

3. Tanning Lotion

While it may seem like one of the most unique graduation gift ideas for her, most high school graduates would love to get tanning lotion. Dating is a key aspect of college life, and she will continually take steps to make her herself pretty and attractive to the opposite sex. Giving her the gift of tanning lotion allows her to still get a glowing look to her skin without spending hours in a tanning bed and increasing her risk for skin cancer. While anyone can give this to a graduate, tanning lotion makes ideal graduation gifts for friends since it’s more casual and doesn’t have a lot of sentimental value attached to it.

4. Personal Alarm

As she ventures out into the world on her own, it’s impossible to protect her from all the dangers that exist. However, you can equip her with a personal safety device that sounds an alarm if activated. This is especially beneficial if she will be heading off to college as this small alarm fits on a keychain and can be attached to her car keys, purse or backpack. This makes it convenient for her to carry at all times, especially when she is out late at night walking across campus to her dorm or her car. By pushing on the device, she can activate the alarm to draw attention to herself and scare off a potential attacker.

8th Grade Graduation Gifts for Her

Coming up with graduation gift ides for her when she is graduating from eighth-grade can be a challenge as girls are at the in-between stage of child and teenager. However, it is possible to find middle school graduation gifts for her that are suitable to her interests and what she enjoys doing as she transitions to high school.

1. Makeup

Makeup provides excellent graduation gifts for her as she will be entering high school in the fall. Chances are she has already had the opportunity to wear makeup for special occasions, but soon she will start wearing makeup on a daily basis. Getting her makeup as a graduation gift gives her the opportunity to learn and experiment with doing her own makeup before she starts school in the fall. This will ensure she is skilled at doing her own makeup while also helping her identify her personal makeup style.

2. Art Supply Kit

Even if your daughter or niece isn’t heavily into arts, an art supply kit can be a great choice for 8th grade graduation gifts for her. Everyone needs a creative outlet, and the gift of an art supply kit provides just that. The kit offers a variety of paints and colored pencils, allowing the graduate to try different mediums as they harness their creativity. The artwork they create may be only good enough to hang on your fridge, but the confidence she gains and creativity she unleashes by using the art supply kit is priceless as both help her to learn more about who she is as an individual.

3. Digital Photo Frame

If your daughter is like mine, taking pictures with her cell phone could be a part-time job as her and her friends seek to capture and share memories of all their fun adventures. Most of these pictures will be shared on social media so her peers can see them. However, the drawback of this continual stream of pictures is that as soon as someone else posts a new picture, the previous picture is forgotten. You can help your eighth-grade graduate enjoy the photos and the memories through a digital photo frame. This photo frame provides a high-quality resolution and allows for quick transfers of pictures from a phone to the frame. It comes with a motion-sensor that turns the frame on when someone is present, and it also is integrated with Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant.

Good Graduation Gift Ideas for her Take Thought

When debating graduation gift ideas for her, it’s important that you take your time and make the right selection. Regardless of what level of education or school  she is graduating from, there’s emotions and sentiments wrapped up in whatever graduation gifts for her you choose as women have higher emotional intelligence than men according to Psychology Today. Selecting a gift that conveys the emotions you feel towards her while also recognizing her hard work in obtaining her education ensures that you give a gift with meaning that will be remembered and cherished for many years to come.