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Finding the best gifts for writers, friend or loved one can be a complicated process. They may be the type of person that buys everything they want, or they may not be easily satisfied. Buying gifts for writers can present an even more significant challenge, as you may not know exactly what they need or where their preferences lie. Nevertheless, if you want to buy gifts for aspiring writers in your life, then you should try to conceive an idea that will inspire them and help to spark their passion. Jofelo has compiled tips and ideas that might help you find the perfect present for your beloved author. The best gifts for your writers in our opion is the leather journal gift set by Jofelo that is both unique and inspiring.

Know how to pick a gift

There are many ways to pick good gifts for writers, but you should find the one that best suits the person for whom you are buying the gift. If they enjoy the experience over material possessions, you may consider taking them to a writing event or providing literary clues on a scavenger hunt for them to find the gift. Know what your writer is interested in and commit to seeing a present that follows along with those themes.
You can also look to nostalgia to add a little personal touch to the gift. Maybe include some pictures from past events or wrap the present with the writer’s favorite childhood book. It doesn’t have to be anything too emotional – in fact, it can be something that makes them laugh. This will make the gift-giving process enjoyable for both you and your intended recipient.

The 5 Best Gifts for Writers

If you are really still struggling to come up with something, you are not alone. Writers can be a picky bunch, and it isn’t easy to know what they’re thinking. Consider some of the options below if you are looking to find the best gifts for writers.


In addition to writing, most writers are avid readers. Books can be good gifts for aspiring writers, and they make especially cool educational gifts for young writers. Find out what subjects your writer is interested in and find some lesser known books on that, whether fiction or non-fiction. This can be a thoughtful gift that gives your writer something to do and may help him find inspiration from other authors. However, it is possible that he or she already has the book, so this may not always be the ideal route to take. In many cases, books are a single-use item that will never be read again so this may not be a gift that really stands the test of time.

2-Moleskine Classic Notebook

The Moleskine Classic Notebook is an internationally popular writing tool for people of all backgrounds and professions. Available in several sizes and many writers love the pocket notebook as a utensil for jotting down ideas on the go. Portable, fashionable, and easy to use is a simple, classic look that never goes out of style.

Moleskines are cool gifts for aspiring writers, but chances are that your writer has at least one Moleskine notebook already. It certainly works as a functional gift, but it won’t be considered a very impressive or thoughtful item. Perhaps a collection of Moleskine notebooks would take your gift to a higher level, but it is still something that lacks in creativity.

3-High-Quality Luxury Writing Pen

A pen, like the Moleskine, is another functional item that most writers already possess. However, a high-quality luxury pen set is far more thoughtful and customizable. Pens come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, so you can really put some thought into your purchase if you think that your writer may appreciate a new writing utensil. Try to catch a glimpse of what style of the pen he or she uses so that you can be aware of their preference when you start shopping. If your writer is committed to ballpoint pens, you will want to avoid presenting a rollerball pen. Dip pens are far rarer in the modern age but may make for a thoughtful, decorative gift that serves not only as a writing tool but also as a work of art. Figure out what your writer values in his or her pen and put your mind to work to find a unique, original item that will last for years to come.

4-DIY Writing Retreat

When writer’s block inevitably hits, there’s nothing worse than being stuck at home trying to come up with your next idea. This is a common affliction among writers, and it can be a vicious cycle that leads to frustration and anxiety. Sometimes, even going to the same coffee shops or bars for a change of place can’t rattle that next big idea out of a writer’s head.

This is where your gift comes in.

A retreat to a quiet, scenic place away from everyday life can be a fantastic gift for a creative writer. A calm, serene getaway can help the writer to forget his or her problems, and the sounds and images of nature may inspire something within the writer that pulls him out of his funk.

The getaway doesn’t necessarily have to be near a stream on a quiet mountainside. It can be an exciting trip to a new city with an unknown culture. For some writers, this stimulation may help to get ideas flowing. Talking with people, seeing the sites, and learning the history of the city might be just what your writer needs to finish his next big project or spend time outlining their story in a bullet journal.

Retreats are great gifts for aspiring writers, but they are also expensive and time-consuming. If you think it worth it and you can afford it, it may be the perfect gift for your writer, but there are no guarantees that it will end up being a success.

5-Jofelo Leather Journal Notebook

The Jofelo Luxury Gift Set is one of the best gifts for writers. This set combines beauty, class, and functionality in one beautiful package that will last a lifetime. If your writer is constantly on the go both physically and mentally, this traveler’s notebook will be the perfect place for him to organize his thoughts, plan his days, and write down all of the great ideas that come to him at any moment.

Assembled with a full-grain grade of American cattle leather cover, this notebook is durable but soft, providing plenty of comfort while keeping the contents within it safe from the elements. The gorgeous leather will only improve as it ages, developing a beautiful, distinctive patina that will truly set the writer apart from the crowd. The simple strap design keeps the journal bound tightly but allows for easy access and page marking that makes a cool gift for writers with a flare of old vintage style.

The Best Gifts for Writers are at Jofelo

This journal is refillable, with five notebook paper refill insert books that allow your writer to compartmentalize different parts of his or her life. The inserts can be removed, replaced, and shuffled around with minimal effort, making this a notebook that will truly serve every purpose that your writer needs. He can use one insert for spur of the moment thoughts and another for organizing and planning out his days, weeks, and months. The Jofelo traveler’s notebook has everything that a writer needs to stay motivated and successful.

The Jofelo Dream Catcher Luxury Gift Set doesn’t start here, however. Included with the set is a smooth-writing, luxury rosewood pen that would make an excellent gift just on its own. With its own vintage style and sleek look, this pen matches the notebook perfectly, preparing for the ideal combination gift for any serious writer. Even with today’s technology, every writer needs a good pen. This one fits the bill and comes included with the Jofelo Luxury Gift Set.

The Jofelo journal is fully customizable personalized gift that your writer can choose whatever inserts he prefers – standard lined, standard unlined, or traveler notebook style inserts. If he likes to combine writing with drawings or sketches, he can choose a combination of inserts to cater to his personal needs. The leather can also accommodate custom designs that can be easily wiped away when they are no longer needed. The beauty of full-grain crazy horse leather is that it can sustain plenty of abuse without losing its classic look or functionality.

The Jofelo Luxury Gift Set is truly one of the the best gifts for writers both established and aspiring. This comprehensive journal can be used for new ideas, organization, planning, and other everyday tasks. It’s unique, classy look makes it a better option than other generic journals that provide only half of the functionality.

Whether you need that special Christmas gifts for a writer or something for their birthday, wedding or Anniversary the Jofelo Luxury Gift is an inspiring and unique present to give. Any writer will appreciate the craftsmanship and function of this set, and no writer will complain about having a new pen, even if he has one of his own. This truly one of the best gifts for writers with its beauty, design, and personality combined to create the perfect gift.