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Choosing the right journal is just as important as having one by your side to write down memories, important dates and ideas. If you are not sure which leather journal is the best fit for you or for your loved ones as a gift, keep on reading for our tips on choosing between our two signature notebook styles and sizes.

Aspects to Look At When Choosing Your Journal


First and foremost, try to decide from a simple, practical point of view. The purpose of a journal can easily help you decide between our two options. If you are looking for something that you can easily carry around with you all day to make small notes or to keep track of your daily schedule, our smaller leather journal is a great choice. On the other hand, if you would like to purchase the journal for studying or use it as a diary that will keep your memories safe, we recommend going for our bigger, vintage style leather journal.

Similarly with size, if you need a more portable option that fits into a small bag (or even a clutch bag for business or school society meetings), we recommend choosing the small pocket diary, while the larger journal can also function as a décor item on your writing desk besides holding more content.



Another important aspect to look at is different styles and the small details. While both of our journals are made from the same material with the same attention detail and perfection, they slightly differ in style, which might help your decision.

The small pocket journal has a more minimalistic, simple design, which is perfect if you are looking for an everyday notebook with a design that fits any occasion, while having that outstanding, vintage feel to it.

Our larger leather journal features more details (such as the crossed leather appliques on the side or the double straps in the front), making this style more delicate and vintage inspired, especially with the deep brown shade of the leather. Because of their beautiful and luxurious old school design, both of the journals are ideal for professionals, travellers, students and literature lovers as well.


The Jofelo Promise

No matter which leather journal you choose, we guarantee an outstanding quality, both in materials and execution. Made from calf skin, the unique crazy horse leather design ensures that this notebook is a truly one of a kind, handcrafted treasure that you can carry with yourself anywhere. From the leather craftsmanship to the thick and durable paper on the inside, we made sure that every part of the journal is sturdy yet elegant.


The Perfect Gift Idea

Besides choosing a journal for yourself, we also encourage you to surprise your loved ones or friends with one of our designs for any special occasion, such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, graduation and anniversaries. Because of its classic style, Jofelo journals are suitable for any age group and purpose, and with the crazy horse leather front cover, you can easily customize it with engravings, making it a very special and memorable gift idea.