What is clip art? Clip art is a type of graphic art usually found online in dozens of styles and

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Art journal Ideas

Art journal ideas can be simple or complex depending what you like. If you are an artist, you’ve probably created

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Bullet journal
Bullet Journal Fonts

For the past few years, bullet journals have been taking the world by storm. If you’re someone who loves journals,

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For the past few years, bullet journals have been taking the world by storm. If you’re someone who loves journals,

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Vintage Journal Personalizing Ideas

After choosing and purchasing your perfect journal, you can always make it more unique with a few very easy tips

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Best Sketchbook

A Sketchbook is a wonderful tool to express yourself with—they can be a incredibly important tool for expressing your thoughts

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3rd year anniversary gift

Each year of marriage presents a special milestone and can be celebrated in a unique way. The first years of

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Graduation Gift for her

I come from a large family. My parents were blessed with five daughters, and the female prominence has continued to

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Graduation Gifts for Him

As an educator, graduation has always held a special place in my heart. I know that it is important to

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How to
17 different types of journals

There are many different types of journals that can help keep your everyday projects and hobbies more organized. I have

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Learn how to write a novel

A successfully completed novel is the ultimate accomplishment in any writer’s catalogue. Unfortunately, it is often the most elusive one.

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Art Journal

Have you ever been in a place of ecstasy and all you want is to remain in that happy place’

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pregnancy journal

What is a Pregnancy Journal ? A diary that is used by a woman from the time that she discovers

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prayer journal

A small notebook with white pages may not seem like anything significant to the average person, but to me, it

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Leather Journal Cover

The earliest forms of journal writing came from scrawled images on cave walls. As mankind evolved paper became a commonplace

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Leather quality is important

Leather is a unique material that has been crafted for centuries and possibly even millennia based on different historical interpretations.

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Leather Journals
collection leather

A leather bound journal is a book, diary, bible, notebook or journal that is bound by some sort of leather.

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Types of the leather discussed in the article

Keeping a journal can be a lifetime process, so the type of material and Grades of leather used in your

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depression and anxiety journal

There are many ways to keep a personal journal, and no one way is correct. In general, journaling involves keeping

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Whether you are a professional, student, or just travelling around the world and would like to record your memories in

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Why Keeping a Journal Will Change Your World

Great minds keep journals. There’s no mistaking this fact. From the start of a prosperous rule by Marcus Aurelius, to

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travel idea

If you are one of the record number of Americans who traveled internationally in 2016 then you need a travel

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