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A high quality vintage leather journal that provides a sturdy canvas for your thoughts

This Jofelo leather journal is the perfect embodiment of its name as it comes with a timeless design that catches the eye. Featuring a bold exterior and soft brown leather cover, the journal brings you a highly durable resource to store your thoughts, and let your creativity run deep.

The catcher features a simple strap design that exudes style while hosting a catalogue of high quality papers and impeccable binding. There’s no reason to limit your thoughts as it provides 300 pages of unlined paper and a refillable interior that allows you to insert another set of 7×5 paper of your choosing. Just as it is with the Jofelo unwritten journey journal, the catcher takes away all of the hassle and paper damage involved with plastic and ring binders as it offers you a superior alternative that keeps you papers safe, neat and most importantly, secure.

With its laced binding and eye catching designs, the catcher invites you to bring it along with you and fill up the pages with your ideas and thoughts as you go. Never again should a memory be fleeting, with this journal that sticks with you forever, you sweet memories will be inscribed in time.

Vintage full grain crazy horse leather journal

The handmade catcher leather journal is made with thick natural leather with no artificial components. It features a 2mm thick cover that is extremely durable yet soft to the touch. The catcher is refillable and comes with 300 pages of acid free 80gsm of white/cream paper that is both blot free and does not bleed through. It comes with a utility space for your pen which is provided as an extra item in the luxury gift set.

A timeless journal with broad leather covers that keeps your thoughts alive

The catcher is designed to keep your pages safe as it comes with large leather cover spanning 51/2inches to 71/2 inches on either side. It offers you a simple design that lets you quickly wrap and unwrap as the vintage knot free strap design comes with long straps for easy accessibility. With the catcher, all of your ideas are well bound and protected while giving you to freedom to create even more memories.

Superior quality of handcrafted leather journal with the finest of finishing and designs

Aside from the broad accents and wide leather covers to securely hold your papers in place, the first thing you spot on the Jofelo catcher journal is the excellent finishing. Never has full grain crazy horse leather been this impeccable as it brings you a unique design choice that allows you to make temporary designs on the cover that you can quick wipe off by rubbing down.

Custom made thick leather journal made to last a lifetime

When getting a journal, it is important to get one that offers protection to your papers and documents. The catcher comes with a large covers that provides an extra inch on both sides. It carries a leather pen holder that securely holds your writing materials in place allowing you to whip it out when the creative juices begin to flow.

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