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For the past few years, bullet journals have been taking the world by storm. If you’re someone who loves journals, is perpetually disorganized and loves trying new things, then the bullet journal is for you. A bullet journal, for those who are unaware, is essentially a journal, calendar, list-making machine and tracker all in one. The most important thing to remember when it comes to bullet journals is that they’re completely customizable. While some people may use their bullet journals to track their exercise routine, others will use it to organize their shopping lists and still more people will use it to keep track of important dates- or they’ll do all of the above or none at all. There are endless bullet journal ideas. At the end of the day, a bullet journal exists to be your personal comprehensive organization system so it’s up to you to decide how to use it and what to include. It’s a place where you can keep your daily to-do lists, your calendar, notes and much more. Clearly a bullet journal is anything but a “traditional” calendar or journal.

Although bullet journals are customizable, they still have a standard system. After all, bullet journal ideas did start somewhere. There are blog posts and videos galore that delve deeper into the organizational structure of bullet journals, but here are just a few of the standard items:

Page numbers: Every page in a bullet journal has its own page number, which helps to create the index
Index: The index is at the beginning of your bullet journal and tells you what goes where.
Daily log: A daily to-do list/journaling space
Monthly log: A monthly to-do list and calendar
Future log: A year-long calendar to mark major events, goals and milestones
Rapid log/key: A list of symbols you will put next to items on your daily and monthly log to help you categorize the items. For example, you may choose to put a bullet point next to something you need to do or a star next to an event.

It may seem that bullet journals are all about structure- while structure is helpful when it comes to organization, a bullet journal is so much more than just a space to easily label items on your calendar and to-do lists. For creative types, the idea of a bullet journal is absolutely heaven! There are so many ways to customize and decorate your bullet journal: you can use it to track daily habits like taking your vitamins and exercising; you can add in a page to celebrate your best monthly memories in picture form; you can add a page to track your favorite books or movies each month…the bullet journal ideas are endless! When it comes to the tools you can use to decorate your bullet journals, there are a plethora of options. Some people use markers, colored pencils, fancy pens, stickers, washi tape and so much more. One of our favorite ways to decorate our bullet journals is by using fun fonts. When you have such an important notebook like a bullet journal, you want to make sure that it’s both easy and enjoyable to read. Here are a few of our favorite bullet journal fonts:

Elongated cursive

This font is one of our favorite bullet journal ideas. There are two ways to write in elongated cursive: first, you can write in cursive and space out the letters in each word; second, you can write in cursive normally but add long tails to the beginning and ends of your words. This bullet journal font gives your normal writing an elegant, flirty flair.

Whichever method you use, be sure to add a slant to your cursive!

Bubble letters

Most of us have used bubble letters for every school poster or project we were assigned from elementary school through high school. But who knew that we could use them in our daily life? There are so many ways to make the bubble letter font; essentially, you trace the outline of letters in big, curving lines. You can also use shading to change the look of your bubble letters or write your bubble letters in cursive. Whether you use thin or thick lines for your bubble letters, they are a fun way to decorate your bullet journal.

Thin and tall CAPS

This font is the most similar to our normal writing, but has quite a different look. Use a pen with a thin tip to write your words in all capital letters, but write your letters longer than you normally would. This gives the bullet journal font a rustic, artsy feel.

Mixed fonts

After writing in your bullet journal for a while, you may feel like you’ve run out of fonts. If you ever feel this way, try mixing fonts. One of our favorite mixed font looks is elongated cursive written over colorful block letters. This font style mixes fun and elegant fonts to create an interesting new font that immediately catches your eye.

A bullet journal is a fun and unique way to stay organized and have fun while keeping track of your life. You can customize it in any way you’d like- with pictures, fun pages, stickers, and fonts. By using fun bullet journal fonts like elongated cursive and thin and tall CAPS, you can let your inner creative out to play and be sure that your bullet journal is 100% unique. There are endless bullet journal ideas that you can take as is or completely make your own. However, before you can start your own bullet journal, you need to have a journal. Jofelo journals are extremely versatile and multifunctional, but one of our favorite ways to use them is for bullet journals. Our leather bound journals are durable and customizable- you can always refill the paper to keep your bullet journal growing! We use high-quality paper so no matter how much you decorate your bullet journal pages, you won’t need to worry about ink running or bleeding through to the next pages. It’s a bullet journal-lover’s dream!