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Whether you are a professional, student, or just travelling around the world and would like to record your memories in a traditional way, having a high quality journal with you at all times is essential. Besides helping you with everyday life, owning a sturdy, elegant journal will also help you become more organized and conscious in many other ways, while making your life more luxurious and classy.


One of the most popular ways to use our crazy horse leather journals is for travelling and for creating memories. You can easily take our durable, high quality journal anywhere with you from camping in the mountains with a tent to luxurious beaches and sunbeds… made from a sturdy leather material, this journal will live through any holiday and will store your memories for decades. Writing a travel journal will keep your very best moments and unexpected journeys memorable forever, and it is also a great way to share your experiences with your loved ones and friends once you go home from your travels.


First and foremost, having a journal in your bag or on your desk will help you keep everything in mind and organize events and your daily schedule. Instead of typing it on your smartphone, writing it down will help you memorize the events better – creating lists and personalized calendars on paper aids in connecting links together and modifying things in an easy way, making sure that you can organize any event efficiently and quickly.


Just like with organizing events and scheduling, writing on paper will help you memorize everything better when it comes to learning new skills, such as languages. With its traditional, high end design, our journal is also a great learning journal when it comes to new languages and practicing writing letters in a foreign language.


Important dates, sudden ideas, creative bits to save for later – our journals were created for unique thoughts that deserve to be written down. If you just need a place where you can scribble down your secrets, plans or anything that comes to mind, our beautiful journals are the perfect choice for you.


For formal business meetings and interviews, having a sturdy and organized journal will not only create a better picture of you, but will also aid you in catching every little detail. And with our vintage inspired, stunning, genuine leather cover, you are guaranteed to make the best impressions for your co-workers.


School notes can be rather raw sometimes, so make taking notes more fun and creative and instead of using a simple notebook, splurge on a vintage leather journal for your most important or favorite subject. This trick will help you prepare for your exams, while the leather cover will keep your notes safe throughout the semester.

The Importance of a High Quality Leather Journal

No matter what you’d like to use it for, your go-to journal should be special and one of a kind, a notebook that makes you want to write more and more. We believe in the importance of quality when it comes to saving your memories and ideas, therefore, our journals were made for the long-term. The cover of our journals is made from a soft, yet sturdy handcrafted cattle skin, while for the inside, we chose thick, white paper to make the most of your journal. We ensure luxury in every detail: from the beautiful gift set packaging to the crazy horse leather and the structure of the journal, our craftsmanship represents a vintage, high end vibe.