Art Journal

by Sara      0

Have you ever been in a place of ecstasy and all you want is to remain in that happy place’ forever? You wish you could paint that moment and keep it for ages? That dream can come true and you are the only one who can make it happen. You can begin by keeping an art journal.

What is an art journal?

You ask. Simple, it is a personal blank book that helps you express your thoughts, imaginations, and memories. You have that one place where you can freely draw or paint whatever you feel or think. It’s where you play around with paint without caring if someone will like it or not.

Who uses Art Journals ?

Art is a personal journey and anybody can express themselves through it. It’s an exercise of freedom and no one should judge your art journal. Although most professional artists end up using their journals as a source for inspiration, the art journal remains a personal instrument of expression.

Art is a language and knowing how to express it needs practice and commitment. As much as it spells freedom; starting out can be intimidating. The first blank page brings some sort of uncertainty as if it has to be perfect. You always wonder, where am I supposed to start?

You know what? Don’t over-think it. Take a deep breath and just start doodling, keep at it until you start getting relief from it. There will never be a perfect time. Just let whatever comes outflow. Most artists will tell you as long as you feel good about it, keep going but I’m breaking that culture. Just do it! Whether it feels good or not; do not stop. Let it flow.

I always thought I’m not the kind that keeps a journal, it felt like something only artists should have and maybe you feel that way too. An art journal doesn’t have to be for artists only.

Here is what I use my art journal for:

I use it for therapy. When I go through a situation that I need to think through, I let my imaginations and feelings out on it until I attain relief.

I use it to prepare for my professional journey. I am not an artist; not yet. I am using this art journal to gain confidence in my work, to learn how to express myself and to interpret images.

I get to entertain myself too using this journal. On a Saturday afternoon when there’s not much activity, instead of watching nonsensical stuff on TV, I mess around with paints and papers.

Though a journal is personal, it creates room for friendships. When artistic people meet, there’s nothing that draws them as close as sharing some of those moments. It has been a wonderful way for me to create lasting friendships.

By the way, you can also use these artistic moments to bond with your family. I am teaching my daughter to paint and it’s during those moments that we connect best.

Here’s is what I think; you should have an art journal too. You deserve the beautiful moments it creates.