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The Story of our Brand

At Jofelo, we understand what writers are looking for in a journal, because the brand began in the minds of an aspiring writer.

Jofelo started in 2017 after a mother and daughter duo from Wyoming were dismayed by the quality of standard notebooks. The daughter, an aspiring writer, quested for a journal that was not only durable on the outside but had paper that wouldn’t bleed ink or tear easily. But when such a journal couldn’t be found, the Jofelo founders decided that it was time to introduce full grain leather-bound journals to more than just the writing community. Quality, balanced with an affordable price and economy, became the cornerstone of these vintage handmade journals.

Thus, the first chapter of Jofelo began. The next chapter is for you to decide.


Personal Touch

All of our leather journals are hand made from genuine crazy horse leather. We personally put a little bit of ourselves into the crafting of each one. No detail is too small during this process. Jofelo believes that if we pour our hearts and creativity into the making of these leather journals then you will be able to pour out your heart and thoughts on the pages within.

Stylish Journals

Our leather bound journals are stylish in many ways. We offer a range of rustic, antique designs that bring charm and quaintness to all of your journaling needs. Professionals will enjoy the classy look of these journals as they add an aura of sophistication and debonair. Men will appreciate the rugged look of these leather-bound keepsakes and women will marvel over their designer appeal.

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Functional and Durable

Not only are our journals multifunctional, they are also built to last with a leather that’s second to none. These journals are great for planning, jotting down ideas, taking notes, sketching and doodling. The paper is thick and high quality to withstand the pressure during writing or drawing. The size of our journals allow you to bring it with you wherever you go. You can slip it into your work or school bag, leave it on your desk or bedside table at home, or carry it with you like a book.

Ideal Gifts and Family Traditions

Each journal is an artistic expression of leather and love. We believe that these charming leather-bound journals will inspire you to express yourself artistically and creatively within. We also believe that our journals are great gift ideas for your friends or family members who enjoy writing, journaling, sketching or pouring out their feelings and creativity. With the options of engraving or embossing these journals, they can make for wonderful personalized gifts for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries and more. Parents – imagine being able to pass down these journals to your kids or grandkids. Because of our premium grade leather, these journals are built to become your family’s next great tradition and keepsake.

What our customers say

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