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When creating our journals, we consider various different aspects that can matter to a customer, and to guarantee a high quality with an outstanding design, we blend different ideas, technologies and materials together. To learn more about our journals, we gathered the most important features of Jofelo journals.

Unique Cover

The crazy horse leather cover is definitely one of the most interesting and creative parts of this journal. It adds a vintage, luxurious touch to the journal’s cover and design while keeping it practical and easy to use. Crazy horse leather is a high quality fabric (that instantly shows and makes a sophisticated first impression), which will keep the content of your diary safe. It’s not only a luxurious, but also a versatile choice, so there are endless ways to utilize the journal. To learn more about crazy horse leather, read our article covering every detail about this beautiful material.

Sophisticated Details

To resemble the true vintage, classic vibe more, we added leather straps and handcrafted leather binding to the larger journal, while the smaller one is kept simple and minimalistic. These details are great if you are looking for something that has that special touch without being too eccentric or over the top. Because of this design, they are also an amazing gift idea for anyone looking for a high end journal to scribble down thoughts or write down business meeting ideas.

Practical Outlay

Besides making sure that our journals look beautiful on the outside, we also put an effort into creating an outlay that matches the needs of every customer with refillable, unlined blank paper that is easy to organize and modify if needed. The size, the amount of pages (180 or 300 pages) and the design of the journal makes it easy for you to take notes about anything, and get the most use out of your journal without worrying about losing pages or not being able to properly organize your notes.

High Quality Paper

While the crazy horse leather cover offers a creative flare to this journal, the inside of it will help you live a more organized life with the most practical solutions. The blank, high quality white writing paper allows you to create notes quickly and easily. Our paper is also ink friendly, which means that you can use any type of pen (any color and ink type) with this journal. The paper is thick and sturdy (so none of your notes and writing will get lost or faded during the use of the journal) and as a refillable journal, it can stay with you for years and years.

Vintage meets Modern

While the cover is kept very vintage with an Italian medieval touch, the inside of the notebook is based on a new technology and idea that helps you enjoy the comfort of this journal. Together, this vintage and modern mix creates this useful and stunning journal.

Versatile Using Options

The design and the outlay gives many different options, so no matter why and where you want to use your Jofelo journal, you are guaranteed to make the most of it. We believe that your personal journal (regardless of what you are using it for) should be a sturdy, high quality notebook that you can rely on without any blotting or damage.