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Leather quality

Leather quality is important

Superior quality leather is deliciously soft and supple, with a naturally inviting texture. That is why we use high grade, over 2 millimeter thick cow leather, known as full grain leather, when designing our journals. The quality of leather is determined by how much or how little the surface has been altered, or coated, to hide markings in the material. Rather than purchasing “genuine leather,” which comes with an artificial grain, you should always opt for the softer, more resilient “full grain” product.

Full grain leather is not only durable, it ages well. Over the years, full grain leather develops a patina, meaning the color and patterning changes over time. As your writing style matures, or as you see and experience the world, your leather bound journal will reflect these experiences too. With proper maintenance, a full grain leather-bound journal from Jofelo will outlast fabrics and other materials.

When you buy one of our leather journal notebooks, you are investing in a journal that will last a lifetime.

Unwritten Journey

Best Selling Refillable Vintage Leather Journal For Men & Women Of All Ages

Within every person is a story not yet told. Just like your life is full of potential and miracles, this leather journal was designed with all possibilities in mind. Whether you write, sketch, jot down ideas, scrapbook, or mix in a little bit of everything, you never have to worry about this leather notebook wearing out. Handmade with dark coffee brown full grain cowhide leather journal that is flawlessly tanned and oiled to meet our high standards. Designed to inspires but also to better secure your thoughts and dreams with a unique double strap looking system and don’t forget the built-in pen holder.

Inside the leather cover is five blank notebooks of ivory paper waiting for you to inscribe your deepest thoughts and most valuable memories for a lifetime. Once those 300 pages are overflowing with words and images, you can then refill the leather notebook to keep your life’s story going.Our unique refill system enables a never-ending journey of storytelling and drawing. Unlike binder rings that can get jammed or cause paper to rip over time. Our system lets you refill and re-lace the journals strong leather binding for nonstop writing. You can use any kind of 7x5 inch paper that you like but don’t worry we always have many different variations of leather journal notebook paper in stock.

The thick 120gsm paper is fountain pen and calligraphy pen friendly and will not bleed through. This thick paper is ideal for those who love to use a fountain pen or calligraphy pen. Easily enjoy calligraphy, writing, sketching, and note taking with ease. Never again will you have to worry about bleeding ink and markers or accidentally crumpling the paper when erasing pencil lines in your Sketchbook.

Unique Personalized Journal Gift Sets are the best Birthday gifts, Anniversary gifts, Graduation Gifts

This unique leather journal gift set comes with everything you receive when purchasing the Unwritten Journey design as well as a beautiful, real rosewood pen and a luxury gift box. Personalize the pages to make personalized gifts for everyone.

Looking for gifts for Mom or Gifts for Dad this journal is perfect for writers and artists of any age. A wonderful gift idea for birthdays, graduations, Christmas, anniversaries, and any other celebration. The luxury pen set is smooth and ergonomic, allowing for each stroke to glide over the pages. The box features an eye-catching gold compass and the word “Unwritten Journey,” and has a unique design that can be used for storing more than just the leather notebook journal..

Capture your thoughts in a Vintage Leather Bound Notebook

Though similar to the Jofelo best selling leather Journal, Unwritten Journey, the Catcher design has some differences that are sure to “catch” your eye. Ideas and memories may only be in the moment for an instant. Don’t lose that genius. Reach for your trusted Jofelo leather notebook writing journal to catch that inspiration where it starts. The beautiful leather is timeless and can be personalized however you wish, so let that imagination soar.

With 300 pages of thick, unlined paper, the Catcher journal will become an essential tool for all your writing and journaling needs. Furthermore, the Catcher sports the same refillable feature as the Unwritten Journey. The binding can be unlaced so you can remove the books and reinsert another 7x5 inch paper book of your choosing. Fill up your journal completely before replacing the paper or create a portable think tank that lets you swap booklets in and out. The best part is that unlike plastic rings or binders, you never have to worry about tearing, scrunching, or jammed up pages.

Nothing outshines genuine full grain leather journal when it comes to softness, durability, and beauty. Catcher features a stunning light brown color, a sturdy leather wrap with a pen holder built into the cover of the journal. Though supple, this leather bound journal not only is secure, it will protect every thought, idea, and memory that finds its way from the tip of a pen to the paper.

Loaded with 5 books of white, unlined 80 GSM (or 300 pages) notebook paper. A refillable leather journal with thick paper that is ideal for those who love traditional pen to paper writing or calligraphy, sketching, and note taking. The pages are highly resistant to blotting and smearing. You can also erase any sketches without worrying about the paper wearing thin or crumpling.

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The story of our brand

The Story of our Brand

At Jofelo, we understand what writers are looking for in a journal, because the brand began in the minds of an aspiring writer.

Jofelo started in 2017 after a mother and daughter duo from Wyoming were dismayed by the quality of standard leather notebooks. The daughter, an aspiring writer, quested for a journal that was not only durable on the outside but had paper that wouldn’t bleed ink or tear easily. But when such a journal couldn’t be found, the Jofelo founders decided that it was time to introduce full grain leather-bound journals to more than just the writing community. Quality, balanced with an affordable price and economy, became the cornerstone of these vintage handmade leather journals.

Thus, the first chapter of Jofelo began. The next chapter is for you to decide.

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Jofelo Leather JOurnal and notebooks

Unique gifts that will make the best Anniversary Gifts for Men or Women

The Catcher Gift Set comes with an upgrade of the original Catcher model. Instead of 80 GSM notebook paper, the journal set comes with 120 GSM paper, making it ideal for those who love fountain pens and markers. Also, the black pen has been switched out for a high-quality rosewood pen that is both elegant in styling and offers an ergonomic hold for truly enjoyable handwriting. Lastly, the leather journal and luxury pen set are delivered in a sophisticated black gift box marked with a gold compass.

The Catcher Gift Set by Jofelo is and ideal leather notebook for writers, artists, travelers, sons, daughters, graduates, parents, grandparents, friends, and anyone who has a love for journaling and note-taking. Give it to a professor for Christmas or to a child who has recently graduated from high school. Not only will a unique gift such as this make a lasting impression, it is customizable, refillable, and will last a lifetime.

Handmade Full Grain Leather Travel Journal destined to be the perfect Travelers Notebook

Are you the type of person who loves to jot down poetry from a mountaintop or who needs to record ideas as you go through your daily life, like Da Vinci? Then the slim, minimalist design of the Trekker Travelers Notebook by Jofelo suits your needs. This travel journal has eye-catching style paired with superior quality leather and fountain pen friendly paper. The elastic strap keeps your journal sealed shut without adding bulk, allowing you pack this leather notebook journal into your backpack for a whirlwind trip. Peace of mind, smooth page turning, and longevity—the Trekker is your ideal travel companion.

Another feature we are proud of would be the refillable design. Trekker is different from our other two designs, Unwritten Journey and Catcher. The tracking is simple, efficient, and requires no lacing up, enhancing your productivity.

As a bonus, the Trekker comes with a free gift box and extra paper.

The high quality full grain leather is also perfect for personalization. Emboss, detail, monogram, and more to create a journal that reflects who you are.

The Trekker refillable leather journal is a minimalist. The notebook paper is 80 GSM, allowing for thinner pages that are resistant to unsightly smears and markings. The notebook paper comes in three sections—unlined, kraft, and lined so you can take notes, doodle, sketch, and journal to your heart’s content. Once the books are filled with pictures and words, you can easily replace the 3 books with paper of your choosing.

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